Friday, November 16, 2012

An Update on our Situation in Israel

Just to update everyone. While we were at the Tel Aviv-Macabi basketball game last night vs Malaga, 2 rockets were fired on Tel Aviv from Gaza. The Iron Dome which is part of the Israeli military defense shot them down and they landed in the Mediterranean Sea. No one thought they had those kinds of weapons...courtesy of Iran i hear. Another rocket landed 9 km from our hotel. The US consulate called and said we needed to get out of Tel Aviv. So we went back to the hotel and packed quickly and hopped on the bus and drove to Jerusalem since most people were certain they would not fire on Jerusalem because the Hamas love the Holy City as well. We spent the night in Jerusalem which is good because I heard that they sent 11 more rockets from Gaza to Tel Aviv, though no one was killed so I'm not sure where they landed. Maybe the Iron Dome shot them down too and the media was just blowing things out of proportion as usual. I prayed real hard that no one in Tel Aviv would get hurt so God must've listened. So with all that, we r now at the Tel Aviv airport getting on a flight to Germany. We should be back in America tomorrow. No one here seems too concerned. They live with this everyday knowing that they may die by rocket, but it's not too likely. However no one knows what will happen so its best to leave now while we have the chance. It's just our luck that after 4 years of relatively little problem, everything escalates now while we are here.

Please pray for the people of Israel. They are such wonderful people and they have so much pride for their country. The men who took us to the airport said they hoped they got called up as reserves because they wanted a chance to fight for their country. The culture is so welcoming of foreigners and people of other faiths and cultures. They preach a message of acceptance that we Americans should take a lesson from. I hope America maintains a positive relationship with Israel because I cannot wait to come back and visit.

Now we get to go to another country I've never been to. Better start trying to remember those 5 yrs of German!

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