Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Master-ful Pictures Practice Round Monday and Tuesday

I don't claim to be any good at photography, but here are some of the pictures I took (and our friend Mike Holmes took) yesterday and today of Michael's practice round. Enjoy!

#1 Fairway Like Velvet

Entering Amen Corner

# 12


And the sweater comes off! Love the Magenta!

Our Monday crowd! Friends from Birmingham!

This shot courtesy of our friend Mike Holmes from Atlanta, GA!

We don't clash at all...

Working with Susie after the practice round. 

Talking with Mark O'Meara

Day Two Practice round with Jerry Pate and Kevin Streelman 

Getting some help from Kevin Streelman 

Tuesday Family Contingent! Sorry about the Shadows! 
The Ladies...used up my bright colors yesterday 
Beautiful Azaleas!!!

The only palm tree on the course, on the par 3 # 4, amongst the bamboo

Video of Michael hitting his second shot on #13, the par 5

Tap-in Tuesday

Boom...2 in a row. I'm totally on a role with my blogging this week. I think the trick is to give myself only about 10-15 minutes to write one so I am forced to keep it short. Also, to keep things interesting, I have decided to name every blog after a golf term beginning with the same letter as that day. Maybe I'll learn and teach my readers some new terms. For example, yesterday was Masters Monday and I learned that not only is the Masters the name of the tournament, but it's also a 501c3 non-profit organization in which every penny that they bring in goes right back into the business. Pretty cool huh? Tap-in Tuesday represents those putts that are very short and easy to make (hopefully for par or better). I already knew what that was though, so I'll have to step up my game and find a really obscure term for tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Yesterday Michael played a 9 hole practice round with Webb Simpson and Alan Dunbar (the British Amateur champion).  They all seemed to have a great time and good conversation throughout the day, and God blessed us with amazing weather all day...so good in fact that I actually had a desire and compulsion to go for a run that afternoon. I mean I usually HATE running, so u can imagine how nice the weather must've been. AND I found a 5 leaf clover and a 4 leaf clover within 3 minutes of each other outside our house after my run. Not sure what a 5 leaf clover means, but I asked Michael if I should go buy a lottery ticket next...

Michael then practiced his chipping and ball striking for a while, went over to the PING trailer to tweak some of his clubs, and then spent the rest of the afternoon working out, foam rolling, and veging in front of the TV. We watched Manchester United lose to Manchester City and the referee go card-happy in the Manchester Derby, so that kinda sucked, but it was nice to see some soccer on TV!

Michael then spent his evening getting to know the people from AT&T, one of the Masters' biggest sponsors. He had a wonderful time meeting new people and sharing his story and learning about the relationship between the Masters and AT&T. We both really appreciate their sponsorship of the tournament and know that it could not go on without their support. Michael said he had a fabulous time!

I went with our family to eat dinner at the house rented by our sports management agency, Wasserman Media Group, and then to enjoy the Tour Fellowship lead by our friend and mentor Stephen Bunn. Every week the PGA Tour has a Bible study that serves as our church service for the week, as we are often pretty busy on Sundays to make it to church. But wherever a few gather in God's name, He is there. So it is nice to get away from golf and enjoy the community of other believers every week out here on tour.

This morning, we were up early for Michael to be the keynote speaker at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast at Warren Baptist Church. The entire cafeteria/auditorium was filled with people coming to hear Michael speak. He and his friend Ben Bost who served as the emcee talked and answered questions about Michael's golf career from childhood through today, and his journey to faith through all of that. It was so amazing for Michael to share his story with some many people, some of whom I am sure were not believers and just came to hear a Masters participant speak. However, it was important to show people that even though Michael and I are perceived to have the dream life out here on tour and have everything we want and need, we still recognize that we need a savior and that everything we have in our lives is a gift and blessing from him, and not entirely of our own making. We could not do this without HIM.  God is the one who decided that mine and Michael's platform to share his Gospel with people was through Michael's playing on the PGA Tour. We hope to use this platform to share with people the good news of God's FREE gift of eternal life and salvation.

I better head out, as Michael is playing a practice round (the front 9) with Jerry Pate and Kevin Streelman at 11 am. Hope to see yall there! Below are pictures from the breakfast this morning. I PROMISE I will post pictures from yesterday and today's practice rounds this afternoon. Hope yall have a fabulous day and you recognize God's work and blessings in your life today!!

Not a good picture, but here's my 5 leaf clover! What does it MEAN???